Let the Diversity of Nature Beautify Your Home

If you feel connected to nature and appreciate good design, you are in the right place. You are in for a treat because the fine detail of these designs give you the opportunity to continue to discover new species.


I draw hundreds of tiny silhouettes and use them to make one big image like a puzzle. I love learning about native wildlife and enjoy putting my meticulous mind to work to make the best designs I can. I want people to see more closely the diversity of wildlife who share the planet with us.


I am on a mission to explore the variety of California’s native wildlife one hummingbird or salamander at a time. I love seeing people’s delight when they discover that the large silhouette is full of other animals. I get to surprise them further when I tell them that there are no repeats, each animals is a unique species.


Using ethically and locally produced raw materials is important to me. That is why all of my paper products are printed on 100% recycled paper in the SF Bay Area. I use a local screen printer in Santa Rosa, CA for all of my t-shirts and tea towels. Although I dream of offering organic soft goods, for now I make sure they are produced through ethical means where the workers are safe and supported.

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 It’s all started with one little bird.

My path to making nature silhouette art might never have started if I had not been taking a walk on that fortuitous morning in June of 2014. I was astonished to see a bright orange bird on a neighborhood feeder. Orange birds are not common in Northern California so I had to look it up in a birding book. It was that migrating Bullock's Oriole that peaked my interest in the native birds of California.

As an artist, I love how silhouettes can tell you so much about a bird - the beak, the wings, the feet and tail. The Mallard Duck, Anna's Hummingbird and, of course, the California Quail are unmistakable in silhouette.

I am forever grateful that I get to make art inspired by nature that people use to beautify their homes to help support my family.

Thank you!


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